The Buddha taught that all conditioned things are impermanent, unsatisfactory, and devoid of self. In the Triratna Buddhist Community Sangharakshita has encouraged us to reflect on these “three characteristics of existence”. If we contemplate them over the years, our understanding of them will mature and we can enter through “three doorways of liberation”. We see life from a completely different perspective and our relationship with the three characteristics is transformed.But how can we reflect deeply on those three characteristics? And what would life look like if we passed through those doorways? On this weekend we’ll be looking at both the theory and the practice.

As before we will be putting a sign up sheet on the notice board at the centre for you to complete if you’d like to come. The price of the retreat will be  £100/£50 (working/concessionary rates). We will need your name, telephone number, whether you need/can offer a lift (we will be running a minibus from the centre which you can sign up for if needed) and a £20 deposit (cash or cheque made out to Newcastle Buddhist Centre) to secure a place