We’ve arranged Sangha nights so you can come to the early part of the evening, the later part, or both. The timetable for each Wednesday evening now is:
5:30-6:30 – opportunity for shared vegan supper – please bring along a contribution
6:30-7:10 – meditation
7:15-8:15 – Dharma study (or puja)
8.15- 8.35 – Break
8:35- 9.15 – meditationFor June we begin with a full moon puja on the 7th followed by a series of talks on the three lakshanas:
Wednesday 7th JuneĀ  Puja night dedicated to Padmasambhava
Wednesday 14th June This evenings talk begins a short series on the three Lakshanas (or marks of existence) starting with Impermanence.
Wednesday 21st June Talk on the second Lakshana – Unsatisfactoriness or Dhukka.
Wednesday 28th June Our third talk in the series on the Lakshanas, on Insubstantiality, will be given by Order member Achala, (pictured above) who runs a Buddhist centre in New Zealand. We are very happy to welcome him for a short visit to Newcastle.

Meditation session in Durham Sunday 11th June.

We are continuing to try out a meditation session in Durham for those who are already familiar with the mindfulness of breathing and metta bhavana meditations. The next date will be Sunday 11th June 7.30pm – 8.30pm and it will be at Helen’s house which is within walking distance of the bus and rail stations in Durham. Please email the office at newcastlebuddhistcentre@gmail.comwith your telephone contact details if you are interested in coming.

Sub25 retreat Adhisthana 30/6/17 – 2/7/17
For those Sangha members under 25 this is the third year of this retreat addressed specifically to the under 25’s. There are bursary places available – see Adhisthana.org for more details.