Sangha nights are open to all who have learned basic meditation. The timings are:
5.30-6.30pm – shared vegetarian meal (please bring a contribution)

6:30-7:10pm – meditation

7:15-8:15pm – Dharma study (or puja)

8.15- 8.35pm – Break

8:35- 9.15pm – meditation

​This month we conclude our exploration of the six Paramitas – the steps to becoming a Bodhisattva:
Wednesday 4 July Lynne will be leading us in a reflection and discussion on Kshanti Paramita – the perfection of patience.

Wednesday 11 July Richard introduces us to Virya Paramita – the perfection of energy devoted to the good.

Wednesday 18 July Akuppa will introduce Samadhi Paramita – the perfection of meditative absorption.

Wednesday 25 July Jyotipala will lead us in a reflection on the perfection of Wisdom.