If you’ve been to the centre in the last few months you will know we’ve been discussing the idea of becoming a Vegan centre for some time, and this tied in with some of our Sangha night talks in June which were part of Buddhist Action Month, which is about putting our ethical beliefs into practical actions out in the world. We’veĀ  made the final decsison to go Vegan and here is what this means:

Vegan means not derived from animal products in any way. This means we won’t be stocking any biscuits with milk or diary ingredients, or any other food or drink with meat, diary or egg ingredients.

If you come to the centre, the food or drinks we provide will be vegan eg tea and coffee with soya milk, vegan biscuits

If you attend an event here where we ask that you bring food for a shared lunch, we request you only bring vegan food.

If you are new to the centre and bring non-vegan items by mistake don’t worry. But we will ask that the next time you try to remember. If you aren’t sure what items to bring please feel free to ask any of our mitras or regular Sangha members.

We are also encouraging everyone to look out for whether the food you bring in contains palm oil. The production of palm oil (which is used in the manufacture of a huge number of everyday foods) is having a massive and very negative envirnmental impact, as vast areas of tropical forests are being cleared to create huge palm plantations – for more info see


Help support sustainable and ethical palm oil production by checking what you buy at home, and if possible bringing food which is free from palm oil or which contains oil from sustainably produced plantations.

Thanks very much for supporting us with these really important decisions and actions.