We are very happy to let you know that planning permission was granted and work is underway on our new centre. We’ll be organising various fundraising activities over the next few months to help fund the work. Our skills auction on  Wednesday October 25th at 6.30 pm is the first of those. 

Do you have a skill, craft, or time and energy to donate?

We’ll be holding a skills auction to raise money towards fitting out the new centre. We especially need money to build a new shrine, buy new chairs and create a beautiful garden. A proportion of money will also go to Triratna’s Future Dharma Fund, which helps people connect to the Buddhist teachings throughout the world.

Please help in two ways:
1.Donate an ‘item’ – your skill, time, handmade object – and let us know in advance of the evening. You can name a reserve price if you wish.
2.Come along on the evening, enjoy the conviviality and shared meal, and bid generously for other people’s items.

Examples of what people have donated in previous skills auctions:
*Guided walk in the Cheviots*Dinner for two cooked in your kitchen*Chauffeur for the day*Musical recital*Doodle analysis*poetry workshop*vegan nutrition workshop*handmade garment to order*Dinner party*work of art*reiki session*half a day’s free labour*
But please feel free to come up with your own genius ideas!

Please email us with your donation items before the event (preferably well in advance) and make a note in your diary.