2107 – A year for fearless courage

A spirit of fearlessness will be much needed in the coming year as we face a period of new challenges locally and globally.

We will be creating a new ‘home’ with the purchase of a building in Westgate Road. More news will follow – we will want to engage everyone’s talents and fearless courage to make this project a success – watch this space!

Globally we face a year of political and environmental change and uncertainty.
It’s never been more important to focus on our practice of the Buddha’s teachings in our own lives.

The ‘Abhaya’ fearlessness mudra of a hand raised and held in an outward facing gesture is also showing our hearts to the world. It’s time to be courageous and open hearted in all we say and do.

Classes, courses and festival celebrations throughout 2017 will explore fearlessness, more news in the coming weeks.

Sangha Nights in January – some changes
We’ve arranged Sangha nights so you can come to the early part of the evening, the later part, or both. We’re trying out some new timings based on our observations of the numbers of people attending the evening.The timetable for each Wednesday evening now is:
5:30-6:30 – opportunity for shared vegetarian supper – please bring along a contribution
6:30-7:10 – meditation
7:15-8:15 – Dharma study
8.15- 8.35 – Break
8:35– 9.15 – meditation

We’ll therefore be ending the evening 15 minutes earlier. We’re trying this out so do feel free to email comments or talk to a member of the team if you have any ideas/suggestions/responses.

Turning the wheel of the dharma – winter theme for Sangha Nights
On our Sangha evenings we’re continuing our exploration of the Noble Eightfold path – the first teaching of the Buddha after his enlightenment.Often depicted as a wheel with eight spokes, all working together to help our lives maintain positive forward momentum.  Evenings focusing on each spoke of the wheel continue in January:

Wednesday 4th January Perfect Mindfulness – from the Noble Eightfold path
Wednesday 18th January Perfect Samadi – from the Noble Eightfold path
Wednesday 25th January  A reflection on the Noble Eightfold path as a whole

On Wednesday 11th January: We will be welcoming two new members of the Sangha who will be having mitra ceremonies – John and Anna. We will also be introducing our theme of fearlessness with a full Moon Puja dedicated to Amoghasiddhi. Everyone welcome!

Dharma ramble Sunday 15th January

The next Dharma ramble will be on the above day. Meet at Millenium bridge in Newcastle at 9.30am for a gentle walk with Sangha members. All welcome.