Meditation & Buddhism: Starting Out

Mondays 5.30 – 7.15pm (except bank holidays) Door open from 5pm.


Mondays from 9 March: Join our 6-week ‘Believe in Change’ Challenge to try out living a Buddhist life. We will: support you in setting up a regular meditation practice; give weekly practical teachings from the Buddha to try out; offer friendly support. Join us on Mondays 5.30 – 7.15pm. Doors open 5pm. The sessions are in 6-week blocks but you can still come on a week by week basis. By donation. No need to book. All welcome!

What is Buddhism?

♦ a path towards fearlessness, clarity of mind and positive emotion
♦ a radical way of changing the world, starting with ourselves
♦ a journey towards greater happiness and sense of meaning in life
♦ founded on our own experience and exploration, not blind belief.

What is Meditation?

♥ a way of becoming more aware of ourselves – our body, mind and emotional responses
♥ a way of developing greater kindness and patience
♥ a way of deepening our understanding of life and insight into reality
♥ a way of finding peace and relaxation
♥ something that begins to give benefits quickly and can have life-changing effects.

Notes and Resources

Week One Key Points: Three transformative ideas to work with. (1) We can change. (2) Happiness comes from inside, not from outer things. (3) We are deeply interconnected with others and the world around us.

Week One Actions: (1) Make one small change to your routine this week. (2) Try some meditation on your own. (3) Take some time to think about the three transformative ideas and whether you have experience of them in your own life.

A helpful down to earth video on meditation posture from Surata.

A 10-minute video leading through the Mindfulness of Breathing meditation from Bodhipaksa.

A ten-minute podcast on happiness from Maitreyabandhu.