1. Practise the Metta Bhavana

Click here for an audio lead-through (about twenty minutes) of the metta bhavana by meditation teacher Kamalashila.

Click here for live online meditation sessions three times daily.

2. Follow a precept for one day

Choose one day this week. Think about what you will do that is different from your normal behaviour, for example:

• Kindness – go vegetarian for the day, or vegan if you are already vegetarian.

• Generosity – respond to every request, every charity collector; or do some generous act you would not normally do; or pay compliments to as many people at work as you can.

• Contentment – don’t use your phone or social media for a day; or cut out some addictivehabit for the day; or spend some time outdoors not doing much, just appreciating the world.

• Honesty – perhaps the most difficult! – watch your speech, and try to cut out all spin, excuses, exaggeration and so on for the day.

• Awareness – avoid all forms of escapism for the day – drink, drugs, phone, tv etc; instead pay attention to the simple things, go for a walk, or take a long roundabout route back from work, paying attention to the world.

Here is a reminder of the five ethical precepts:

Principles of Buddhist Ethics

• Kindness, not cruelty

• Generosity, grabbiness or exploitation

• Contentment, not craving

• Being genuine, not false

• Awareness, not escapism

The Five Precepts, Positive Form

• With deeds of loving kindness, I purify my body

• With open-handed generosity, I purify my body

• With stillness, simplicity and contentment, I purify my body

• With truthful communication, I purify my speech

• With mindfulness clear and radiant, I purify my mind

The Five Precepts, Negative Form

I undertake the training principle of:

• Not harming living beings

• Not taking the not-given

• Abstaining from sexual misconduct

• Abstaining from false speech

• Abstaining from intoxicants