Triratna Community

The ‘Friends of the Western Buddhist Order’ becomes ‘Triratna Buddhist Community’

The Newcastle Buddhist Centre is part of a worldwide Buddhist movement that has been in existence for over 40 years. The movement was founded in the West in the late 60’s, by Sangharakshita, and until recently we were known as ‘Friends of the Western Buddhist Order’. But as we grew into an international Buddhist movement, the word ‘Western’ was no longer appropriate and we wanted one name that could be used the world over and that reminds us of our central ideals. For these reasons the movement is now known as Triratna Buddhist Community. ‘Triratna’ means ‘Three Jewels’, and refers to the Buddha, the Dharma, and the Sangha – the ideal of Enlightenment, the Path leading to Enlightenment, and the Community of those following the Path respectively. The name reminds us of what is most important in the spiritual life, and what it is we are trying to help bring into the world.

At the heart of the movement is the Order, formerly known as the ‘Western Buddhist Order’. This is now known as ‘Triratna Buddhist Order‘.